FEE Structure

Affiliation fee:

a. Country - US$100 (validity one calender year, January to December)

b. State - Rs 5000/- per year

c Organisation - Rs 3000/- per year

d. District - Rs 1500/- per year

e. Multi Dojo - Rs 1200/- per year

f. Dojo - Rs 500/- per year

g. Chief Instructor Licence - Rs 1000/- per year

h. Senior Instructor license - Rs 500/- per year

i. Instructor Licence - Rs 300/- per year

j. Assistant Instructor licence - Rs 200/- per year

k. Examiner Licence - Kyu Grade: Rs 3000/- per year / Dan Grade: Rs 5000/- per year

(validity one financial year is April to March)

Membership Fee: Rs 200/-

(Individual membership is compulsary for every karate practitioners. About details see GROUP APPLICATION FORM.


Kyu grading will be taken after six months / performance of karatekas, whichever will be earlier. KYU belt grading fee is payable to 'Academy of JSK Shotokan Karate-Do India' along with the filled up grading form and other needed documents before each grading. All payments should be made by cheque or bank draft only.

30% of the grading fees is paid to the dojo instructor, 20% is paid to the State Chief Insturctor, 20% is paid to the Examiner and the rest 30% goes to the academy for State level. Country level Instructors will pay 30% of total grading fees to the academy. All the payments to the instructor/s are paid by cheque only. The payment mode for the Dan grading are same, but the Dan grading is scheduled once a year.

Camp Fee:

Participating members will have to pay 50% of all the camp fee and/or tournament fees while the academy will pay the rest 50% in any camp / tournaments officially hosted or participated by the academy. Evey year a minimum of five karatekas will get scholarship from the academy. Academy of JSK Shotokan Karate-Do India.International help the under privileged karatekas by sponsoring the camp fee/karate dress/tournaments, grading fee, etc

Academy of JSK Shotokan Karate-Do India.International recruit senior members as Instructors and pay them either as monthly salary or on commission basis (30%-70%), whichever is suitable for both sides.