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The Academy of JSK Shotokan Karate-Do India.International is a National & International Karate organisation. The Association was formed on 1st June, 1993 within Shotokan Karate-do Federation of India, SKF(I). In May, 1999, Academy of JSK Shotokan Karate-Do India, left SKF(I) and in the month of February, 2000 Academy of JSK became an Independant body.

The 'JSK' means 'Jot-Set-Ken', where the word jot means dot, set means setting and ken means introduce. But it also has many other meanings about life. The name 'Academy of JSK Shotokan Karate-Do India' was given by Sensei Nilotpal Dutta, Chief Instructor & founder of the academy.

Academy of JSK India give lessons on Yoga and is affiliated to West Bengal Yoga Association (WBYA).

Academy is a member of International organisations WFKU, IFFSK and IFSK.